Excel Roundup Function

In this excel tutorial, we’ll learn how to use roundup in excel. Round function in excel just rounds a number to specific number of digits. Excel Roundup formula is used to roundup the numeric value to a given set of decimal digits.

Example: let’s say you want to round 52, normally excel will round this to nearest 10 which will return 50 as the value. While using roundup, it’ll roundup 52 to 60.

Unlike normal round function, where numbers less than 5 are only rounded down. Round down functions rounds down all numbers even if they are greater than 5.

How to use excel roundup function

Just follow the basic syntax of the roundup function.


Number: refers to the number you want to roundup.

Num_digits: refers to the number of decimal places to which this number would be rounded up.

The value of Num_digits could be negative as well as positive. Positive number works to the right of the decimal, it tells excel to round to the right of decimal point. The negative value works to the left of the decimal. And if the num_digit is 0 then it rounds to nearest 1.

Let’s see how to use the roundup formula:

  1. Select the numeric value you want to round up and use the roundup formula.
    Excel Round Up Formula 1
    It will roundup Value in A2 cell up-to 3 decimal places to the right.
  2. Let’s round up to two decimal places to the left.
    Excel Round Up Formula 2
    It will roundup value in A2 up to 2 decimal places to the left.

Let’s see some more variations of round up:

Excel Roundup to nearest 5

Use =ROUNDUP(A2,-0.5) This will roundup the value to the nearest 5
Excel Round Up Formula 3

Excel Roundup to nearest 100

Use =ROUNDUP(A2,-2) This will roundup the value to the nearest 100
Excel Round Up Formula 4

Excel Roundup to nearest 1000

Use =ROUNDUP(A2,-3) This will roundup the value to the nearest 1000
Excel Round Up Formula 5

Excel Roundup to nearest whole number

Use =ROUNDUP(A2,0) This will roundup the value to the nearest whole number
Excel Round Up Formula 6


Excel round up comes in very handy when dealing with a large set of numeric values having decimal places. Do check Excel Round & Excel Round Down functions to better understand the different variations of round.

I hope this article was helpful to you and explained you in depth the use of roundup function in excel and much more.
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