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Hi I am Gaurav Gyanchandani. I am a marketing enthusiast & a heavy excel geek.

I have been using excel since past few years from creating financials on excel during my Business School days to working with huge data on excel as part of my marketing role.

I love sharing my knowledge and tactics which I have learned . That’s why I started Learn Army to help working professionals and college students excel in their career by helping them to save time and to work smartly.

Here I’ll be sharing tools, techniques, hacks around excel in form of articles, tutorials and courses.  

My focus is on working smartly by finding fast & effective ways to do stuff in excel. I’ll be covering basic topics like formulas to advanced topics like building pivot tables, Vlookup, creating macro, data visualisation using Power BI and much more.

The philosophy is to ‘Work Smart’ and let excel do the hard work for us.

I have built this platform so that we can mutually help each other. So do reach out to me by leaving comments or emailing me if you have any doubts.

Do sign up for our email newsletter to stay updated with new excel concepts. I’ll also share some amazing Excel Hacks, Excel Shortcuts and Excel Guides with you from time to time. Don’t worry we never share your email address with any third party and we don’t believe in spamming our subscribers every day.

I’ll also be building tutorials on Tableau, Google Data Studio and many more data visualisation tools. 

Thanks for taking time to read this, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care and let’s start learning.

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